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Payless Power offers Texas prepaid electricity service in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Houston, Corpus Christi and many other deregulated energy markets in Texas. Call 888-620-3785 to check for availability in your area. View our prepaid electricity coverage map for Texas availability in your area. Call 1-888-620-3785 now and sign up for prepaid electricity now!
With prepaid electricity you can expect the folowing features and benefits...

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    Never pay an electricity deposit

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    No credit checks

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    No contract rates

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    Low Rates - Always competitive with other prepaid companies

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    Pay as you go!

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    Signing up is as easy as a phone call!

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How does Texas Prepaid Electricity work?

Since the Deregulation of the Texas energy market in 2002, prepaid electricity is now an option in Texas. Just like prepaid cell phone plans or prepaid credit cards prepaid electricity gives you the option pay for the service before you actually use it. The prepaid energy solution energy works best for customers that may be on a fixed budget, need temporary service, do not have ideal credit or a variety of other reasons.

Many users say prepaid electricity just fits their lifestyle better. With prepaid electricity you only pay for what you need each month at a time, so there are no long term contracts, deposits, credit checks or any of the other hassles that can be associated with setting up a new long-term energy plan. Call us and see how pay-as-you-go electricity can work for you!

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