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Advantages of Prepaid Energy

Prepaid energy service differs from regular post-pay energy
service in that the customer receives a bill from the provider
before the beginning of the service period.

Prepaid vs Post-paid electricity service comparison
outlines the benefits of prepaid electricity vs. post-pay.

Type of Energy





Yes (Usually)

Credit Check






In addition to no deposit, prepaid electricity customers are not
required to pass a credit check. Why? Because credit checks and
deposits are methods used by post-paid energy companies to ensure
reliable payments. Companies that ofer prepayment do not need
these methods to ensure services will be paid.

Prepaid Electric with payless Power has many advantages.

  • Notifies you daily of your usage instead of only when you run low or waiting till the end of the month

  • Paperless notifications by text or email

  • Low prepaid KWH rates, Flexible payments so you may pay as much as you want, when you want, as long as you have a positive balance

  • Payment assistance available when needed

Prepaid energy bills are based on several factors:

  • TDU

  • Customer's actual daily readings

  • Load Profile of premises as defined by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas - *ERCOT

Payless Power is dedicated to our customers. We do not want our customers to for more electricity than they user. Where other companies may intentionally charge hidden fees like load fees, cancellation fees, and even fees to talk to someone about your account, Payless refuses to follow suit. Payless Power offers the most competitive pre-paid home electrical service.

*Ercot serves as a mediator between power marketers, generators, and providers, ensuring both accurate and reliable billing.

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